Virtual Vacation! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Time to take a look at all the places we could be going…but alas….we are not….(unless you are actually in one of the places pictured…and then…well….I envy your good fortune…and secretly curse you when you when I am not in your general vicinity….)

*@$@#$@#$@#$ I spent a good 10 minutes uploading and captioning all these pictures and then the uploader deleted all of it and put them in random order….the internet gods have smote me today….in a righteously horrific fashion…..(shakes fist at sky)

I am a big fan of islands…well technically all land masses are islands…but I happen to be extra fond of the small ones….even more so if they are located in a warm climate…cold small island can go kick rocks

although I am lousy at surfing(yay no getting eaten by toothy fish for me!) this looks like it would be a fine place to spend a day getting absolutely nothing done and then reflecting on how little I accomplished while thumbing my nose that those that were productive….thumb thumb thumb….

another fine example of a wonderful beach but this one is extra special…you could perpetually ask your travel companion ‘hey…do you think the other beach is sunny/warmer/shadier?” and spend all day walking back and forth in search of increasingly excellent areas to be lazy….gently walking the razor’s edge of being slightly productive….yet accomplishing very little….

even at almost night time the beach is awesome…the only place in the world where you wont get mugged at this time of day(the hallway next to your mailbox in your apartment complex…yup….the liquor store parking lot….double yup)
*you may get mugged by a shark…which would suck because sharks done care about your money…THEY JUST WANT YOUR LIFE! BOOO SHARKS!

this is were batman goes on vacation…the bat beach….

rivers…the lazy man’s beach…when you dont want to drive or deal with people but still feel like getting nothing done….90% less sharks….300% more bugs


HOT DOG! Giant sword town! Count me in!

scratch that…giant sword town is completely canceled out by no pants baby killing metal man….no thanks….

Ok…while technically not a place…I happen to think that cramming handfulls of cereal marshmallows into my food hole as fast as I can(NO SORTING!) would be almost as blissfully awesome as sitting on a beach…and about 200% more likely to be attainable….
*and no sharks! although if some how I happened to be eaten by a shark while eating pure 100% uncut cereal marshmallows the resulting death wail would be so forlorn and filled with sadness that every living being in the area would start crying….it would be like a H-bomb made of boo hoos….Tearoshima….

ok at this point I think you can tell I just got bored of looking for travel pics and started downloading random crap…although I think kicking it on the curb and drinking beers with this cat would be a pretty sweet lil vacation…he would probably have all sorts of eloquent things to say about society and how much he hated dogs….



I’m not really sure how I stumbled across this…from time to time I just click links to see where they go…..these stunning monstrosities are the work of a professional taxidermist who has a lil too much free time and spare materials….

I want to live in this crazy gigsaw safari… ride the wild storkefant across the planes while lazy tocaguars watched nimble roosterzelles stampede down the hills…..