and it begins…..

Hey hey….is this on?  Hello?  So I’m gonna start doing this now…I hope you like it…check back often for new posts and the random things I find whilst traveling the interweb….

news of my new endovor has been announced publicly and the masses seem pleased…..

-F’n Dave

“oh hells no”


4 thoughts on “and it begins…..

    • AIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!! I don’t know you!….Facebook was so safe and “gated”…now anybody can say stuff….I feel so…exposed…..

      (just kidding 50 bucks says this is Jen)

  1. yeah…thats right…I “liked” my own damn post…Im trying to figure out how this whole thing works and basically just clicking all the buttons on the interface….I’ve deleted the whole friggin blog twice by mistake at this point and it will probably happen again….

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