how did this even happen?

you know what they call this in France?  A battle royal with cheese....

you know what they call this in France? A battle royal with cheese….


So The Rock, Susan Sarandon, Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire, Shane from The Walking Dead(un-zombie Shane un-fortunatly) and Optimus Prime go to war with mega drug wizard kingpin Benjamin Bratt to prove that the Rock’s son is not really a drug dealer by having the Rock pretend to be a criminal……

Can you get jail time for bad casting/screen writing?

I’m starting to really believe that Dwayne Johnson just walks into his agents office every week and goes “I DONT CARE HOW YOU DO IT….FIND ME THE CRAPPIEST MOVIES YOU CAN…PUT ME IN EM! NOW!”

feast your eyes on this sweet mama…..(I’m pretty sure the Mayans predicted this would happen right at the end….)


holy crap…I think I just traveled to Mars…..

Ok check this out….click play on the youtube video and stare at that trippy hatch mark black and white picture I posted yesterday….I think thats the closest I will ever get to becoming a beam of pure energy and shooting through the cosmos…..

thank you internet….thank you so much…….

Step 1

press play

Step 2



apparetnly this is somewhere in Greece…man no wonder their unemployement rate is so high…if I lived somewhere like this I wouldn’t wanna work either….I think I would spend all day catching/eating lobsters and painting on rocks and being tan…SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER TAN

If you put your face really close to the screen and make ocean noises with your mouth...its kinda like you're there....but not really...

If you put your face really close to the screen and make ocean noises with your mouth…its kinda like you’re there….but not really…

(click this pic a bunch…it gets super huge…only adding to the realism/sadness….

long ago in a galaxy far far away……



Sweet…looks like George Lucas has cloned Akira Kurosawa to make the next 3 Starwars flicks…..(ok…I’m probably wrong about this…but it would be awesome….)



“That’s no moon….it’s a moody cultural film that explores the fragile balance of good an evil that eventually concludes in the death of the main character…probably by getting stabbed…alot….”

Nicely done Officer – Cop Protects First Amendment

Two people wanted to hand out fliers listing the rights you have as a traveler to opt out of the body scanners used by the TSA.  The quietly hand out fliers with no protest what so ever from the people walking through the airport for several minutes.  Then this guy happens…..

I was really hoping this guy ended up getting tazered…..



What really impressed me was how both officers handled the situation(especially the second guy) mad props to the Boys in Blue, very well handled.

Stuff that might save your life – Cut Shells

ho ho ho…ow ow ow….

Here’s a pretty snazzy lil lesson in hill billy ballistics….by making a slice horizontally across the shotgun shell, you capitalize on the structural weakness you have created and send the upper half of the shell hurling down range(ultimately turning a frown upside down and giving someone else something to frown about…so…I guess you are turning their smile upside down…in the long run….)

a stitch in time saves nine…a cut in a shell basically does the opposite….condensing your group into a tighter cluster.

lots o’ lil holes vs 3 big holes

what your present looks like after its been “unwrapped”
Meeeeerry get the #@$@# off my lawn!

Awesome lil tidbit of info to know if you find yourself stuck in a pinch with birdshot and hankering for more stopping power.

….and knowing is half the battle!