Stuff that might save your life – Cut Shells

ho ho ho…ow ow ow….

Here’s a pretty snazzy lil lesson in hill billy ballistics….by making a slice horizontally across the shotgun shell, you capitalize on the structural weakness you have created and send the upper half of the shell hurling down range(ultimately turning a frown upside down and giving someone else something to frown about…so…I guess you are turning their smile upside down…in the long run….)

a stitch in time saves nine…a cut in a shell basically does the opposite….condensing your group into a tighter cluster.

lots o’ lil holes vs 3 big holes

what your present looks like after its been “unwrapped”
Meeeeerry get the #@$@# off my lawn!

Awesome lil tidbit of info to know if you find yourself stuck in a pinch with birdshot and hankering for more stopping power.

….and knowing is half the battle!


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