man…that dog can dance!


man…if my dogs could dance like that I would cover my counters with only the finest spiced meats and a pleathora of bones….I would be entertained for years…..

side note:I did a google image search for “pissed off patrick swayze” and got this as a result…which made me laugh quite a bit…



dang..when it comes to pranks Brazil don’t mess around….

Madre dios! Es la nina del diablo!
*I dont know how to say this in Portuguese so Spanish will have to do…

Man…this is ingenious…they rigged out this elevator so that the lights go off, there is a secret door in the back, this bed headed lil mime girl pops out while the lights are off and well…lets just say bedlam and chaos erupt….

I think I could handle the lights going off and the kid standing next to me, but once the lights turned off the second time I would probably just start throwing haymakers in the dark and eventually knock myself unconscious….


About half a year ago some ad agency put up a picture of a frying pan with a sword handle.  It captured the hearts of many a kitchen knight and warrior princes…but could such a weapon be forged….truly the stuff of culinary dreams….

Well not any more, some dude started up a kickstarter project and for the measly price of 45 bucks you can have your own sword pan(pword? swan?)

it is my personal opinion that not calling this mighty weapon “Eggscaliber” should be punishable by death….death by bacon…


if you want one click here——>HUZAH!

Crazy Turkey Lady – He’s Mine

“oh..and by the way…hes mine….”


man…I dunno what is going on here….apparently they air drop turkeys out of the sky in some kind of crazy “first come first served’ hill billy battle royal….

*I would like to think she’s acting this way because its the beginning of a beautiful friendship…but its probably pretty much the opposite….

** ‘merica!

This is why….

When people have me hold their kids, I use two hands and cradle it like its made out of dynamite….jesus thats my ultimate fear….”ooops…wow…uh…sorry….hey I’ve got a dent puller for car fenders in my garage…we can get that right out…gimmie like 15 minutes….”

totally under the radar…”oh nothing honey…everythings fine….everythings fiiiiiiiiiiine….”