oh wow…Chocolate Egg Hades…..

as someone who is very fond of Cadbury Creme Eggs….this….well this hits home super hard……

One of the few things I thought would never turn on me or try and hurt me…..not you too choco egg….not you too…..

at this point Id just throw myself in a volcano....really the only thing to do at this point.....

at this point Id just throw myself in a volcano….really the only thing to do at this point…..

scratch two things off my “favies” list…..not you too Oreos….not you too…..

no amount of dunking in milk is gonna fix this.....

no amount of dunking in milk is gonna fix this…..



oh wow….its not just a dream (BACON PAN CAAAAAAKES!!!)



I feel like someone peeled open the universe and I got to peek through the magical fissure and glimpse into a decadent future………

(for those not familiar with bacon pancakes….)

(which lead to…..)
*be warned this will earwig its way into your brain and ruin you…..

a perfect fleeting moment…..

this photographer knocked out this pic at the very moment before the snowflake melted…..(if you’ve ever used a manual macro focus…thats a pretty impressive feat)

man thats nuts….things like this happen all around us every day, every hour, every minute and we don’t even notice them, but if they stopped we would feel changed…we would not know why…but it would be different.


Wow….good call dude(Siskel/Ebert vs a dude that hated Star Wars)circa 1983

it would amaze me to find out this guy can still work as a film critic...

it would amaze me to find out this guy can still work as a film critic…

Its funny that the phone kept ringing in the back ground during the interview….that was now calling back in time to tell you that you suck John Simon….you suck reeeeeeeeeeeal bad.  Can you imagine being this guy walking into a job interview now?

Interviewee-“Lets see….wow you’ve been working a long time! Wow lookit this!…Let me go over your resume….”
Captain Guess Wrong -“Ves…ah hauft been reviewing unt films for quiet…some…time……I abore dee specual ah-fects and love drauuumaah.”
Interviewee -“Yeah I can see that! I think your going to do great here!  Lets see….oh wait…oh my god…..you’re….you’re that guy…..holy shit…you’re the guy that though Star Wars was going to be a bomb….”
CGW – “Well you see….unt film did fail on a cinemateek level…..ah find that the characters…”
Interviewee – “Seriously you son of a bitch…I have a gun in my desk drawer…leave now…this is you’re last warning”

Ok maybe it wouldn’t go like that, but man…talk about you’re all time bad calls….that guy must grit his teeth to powder every time he’s in line at the gas station and he sees a “Special Edition Starwars” Snickers or something with the brand name on it.

“Unt dauuuuumn you Staaaar wuuurz….yout have ruined me!”

Paperman – The best short film Ive seen in along time

1-30-2013 1-57-38 PM

A lil while ago Disney put out Wreck it Ralph, which in my humble opinion was an “eeeeeeeeeeeeh” movie.  It had some really clever video game tie ins but wasn’t my cup of tea.  What really blew me away was the incredible short animated feature that played before it.  I spent a good amount of Wreck it Ralph playing Paperman over in my head, partially wishing I could just watch it on repeat for the rest of the feature…..

The film hit on a lot of levels for me, new tech(the artist configurable organic 3d that is used in this film is amazing, it takes a much more traditional approach to 3d art and gives the artists a very fast streamlined way to create their work, I could easily see this becoming the standard approach to “illustrated” 3d films going forward), beautiful art direction and a killer theme….that even if your work is not recognized right away…if you don’t give up and stay focused, one day your work will carry you…even if you run out of steam.(as well as “behind the creative energy of every artist….is usually the motivation of attracting a pretty girl, or vice versa)

The good folks at Disney decided to put it online for free(very cool of them instead of making you buy a movie to get it) so push the pause button on what ever your doing, click play on the video and enjoy….