I have a theory that Chris Brown is actually going implode into himself……




cmon Rihanna…people look up to you what does this teach them?

its coo....he brought by a 4 pack of fuzzy navel wine coolers and we watched the note book...sall good now...=NO NOT ALL RIGHT

“its coo….he brought by a 4 pack of fuzzy navel wine coolers and we watched the note book…sall good now…”= NO NOT ALL RIGHT

There aren’t a lot of people I really “hate” I read about this Japanese guy that ate a college student(after luring her to his house and shooting her in the head) he faked insanity and managed to not do a single day of jail time….I hate that guy.(and people of this nature duche baggery)  I do have a fairly strong dislike of Chris Brown as well.  When his music comes on the radio I turn it off, if someone starts talking about liking him I smile and nod and then in my head I immediately “dog ear” them as being mentally disabled.

So I guess last night Chris Brown lost out to Frank Ocean for some sort of award(which makes my tummy full of butterflies because the thought of Chris Brown making frownie faces is like finding a 20 dollar bill in my pocket that I didnt know I had but the 20 is actually a billion dollar bill and thats way better)

This is how he reacted…..(notice everyone else is standing)





Wow…dick move man…not that I am especially surprised but dick move none the less….but then this happened…..
Apparently Adele had witnessed enough of this show of jackassery and tore him a new one.(golf clap)  Chris stands looking like a kid that just got caught stealing candy and Adele looks poised in a stance that says “Yes by jove…I would quite enjoy slamming one of my healthy rotund arms into your face…that would be a right proper end to a fantastic night!”


nice move mamma…enough is enough

(50 bucks says Adele would rip Chris Brown in half and ride him around like a hobby horse)  But Chris!? You’re such a bad ass gansta!  How could you let this lil British woman reprimand you so!?

2-11-2013 1-53-47 PM

that look says “late at night I have fantasized of putting you into hurt locker…please make my dreams a reality….”

Probably because this lurking fellow is hanging out in the back field.  I would like to think his name is probably Linus and he enjoys cardigans and walking his pet beagle on misty mornings and stopping by a local cafe and having toast points with his morning tea.  I would also imagine he’s probably quite skilled at taking rowdy young men and turning them into a sort of human pretzel sprinkled with pain.  Wow big surprise, Chris Brown only likes beating up women when there’s no back up around.

This comes hot on the heels of the news that this morning Chris wrecked his Porsche into a wall and apparently he completely lied about the 1000s of hours of community service he served(for kicking Rihanna’s ass…what does that say? “Heeeeeeeeeeey guuuurl…Im totally sorry about treating your face like a punching bag….but not sorry enough to go attend my court ordered punishment for doing so…..I dig you though gurl…fo reeeeeeel”)

At this point we come to my theory…that the universe can only tolerate a certain concentration of pure concentrated douche bag for so long….eventually the time space continum will rip itself asunder and the equivalence of a black hole will appear but fulled by socially unaccepted behavior instead of universe ripping anti mater.  So what should we do about it?  Turn his music off, don’t buy products endorsed by him, tell your kids that what he does is wrong, his power comes from your purchases and support…….so take it away.

Enough is enough, help stop this crap


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