round 2…back to Beyonceville (no we will never stop)


Awhile back I put up this post (here) about a slightly less than flattering pic of Beyonce that was causing a stir around the internet(mainly because her pr group was frantically trying to “remove” it from the net, which is pretty much impossible unless you have some kind of holy “ctrl-z” button from god)  It gave a lot of people chuckles and I started getting messages with images attached to them of the further creative devious nature of the citizens of the internet….

I present you with some of my favies…

8CIOwoW beyon-hur FKrtLHN

1BRVwqc NmmCP1j

In an interesting turn of events, from time to time posts would appear on various forums chastising people for altering the image, listing long forlorn reasoning about why it was unkind…these posts would disappear due to unpopularity fairly quickly….nice try publicists…stop the issue from the inside….cmon folks even Keanu figured you guys out….

Beyonce meme posts are starting to slow down…who knows maybe they will one day rise again….


recently it was found that there is another…..nice job Rihanna….gotta keep em hungry fo more!


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