The eternal sculptor in his natural habitat! (Jeremy Pelletier)


My long time friend Jeremy Pelletier has decided to take his act to the streets(in the most literal means of the phrase possible)  Jeremy, who also goes as “BG” from time to time, is one of the most talented sculptors I have ever witnessed and he’s looking to stay busy.  If you need something sculpted and you want it to look like its going to come right off the base and rip you to peices(or possibly seduce you…and then rip you to pieces…if thats what your into) give him a shout.  Awesome guy, killer “get it done” attitude and as you can see from the gallery, his work is second to none.

(Edit/update:he’s got even MORE stuff here! CHECK IT OUT!)

559728_10200242162808542_639481929_n3-21-2013 11-59-22 PM3-22-2013 12-03-45 AM

3-21-2013 11-58-30 PM


Check out his stuff, click the @#$@#$ out of this link!


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