get the keys, lets go!

“and a good time was had by all!” potentially the greatest road trip of all time….



in the aaaaaaarms of the aaaaaaaaaaangels…..

wow…its like the skateboard was some kind of wooden guardian angel…..its sheltered him from the fall….

*its way funner if you read that in an Irish accent

go team gymnastic ninja!

well internet…you have succeeded once again in confirming what I have long theorized…there are far more sports that I do not know about than I do….”choreographed amazonian ninja cheerleeding contortionism”

*anybody besides me think you should only be able to be a commentator on this if you have actually competed?  Old guy is like “ooooh…a lil out of sync there…elbows bent thats not good.”  Shut up old dude, like you can do any of that stuff

**once again…Ukraine has proved it is not a game….