When Mickey was in Egypt’s land……


…currently listening to a discussion on the evolution of spirituality and religion through history, and one of the speakers pointed out that for much of human history we have worshiped half animal half animal totems, with less focus on a completely human form higher power deity. One of the other speakers says “well…I guess those times are behind us now….with the exception of a few primitive tribes, humanized animal worship has died off…” the other speaker waited a second and responded “hey…you ever been to Disneyland?”



Speak softly…..

I’ve always thought Teddy Roosevelt’s quote “Speak softly and carry a big stick” is a timeless classic.  In today’s world of loud mouthed walking opinion factories, there are far too many people shooting off their mouths and then in stark contrast, lacking any kind of confrontational skill to back it up(or the desire to do so)

This is my ode to your awesome way of looking at things Teddy…you cantankerous pile of teeth, spectacles and asskickery…..

“from time to time, I do quite enjoy punching danger squarely between the eyes…and bears too…I love punching bears…”
*may be a miss quote

“Speak softly and carry a gigantic hell hound of the apocalypse on a make shift boat anchor chain(while wearing a kilt made of door mats)” has a nice ring to it

“speak softly, wear your girlfriends blouse, and walk your insanely large snake on a purple leash”
*that husky is havin “non-oh-that!”

the wisdom of Roosevelt teamed up with the timeless ferocity of Wicket the Ewok….instant classic
(I have no doubt in my mind that if Teddy ever laid eyes on an Ewok….well….there would have been a lot of dead Ewoks…and some were in the White House there would be an old dusty furry chair made of their bodies….)

“Speak softly and ride a disproportionally small horse while carrying an equally disproportionally huge hawk”

(Teddy’s maxim immortalized in creepy cartoon form….)

ok thats it…Im out of here…tiny red panda says have a good weekend!

and it begins…..

Hey hey….is this on?  Hello?  So I’m gonna start doing this now…I hope you like it…check back often for new posts and the random things I find whilst traveling the interweb….

news of my new endovor has been announced publicly and the masses seem pleased…..

-F’n Dave

“oh hells no”