Lets kick the @#$@# out of Monday….


It’s been awhile since I have dedicated a Monday morning to the sweet metal shredding of a Mr. Victor de Andres….and I think that needs to stop…..

Victors take on the classic A-Team theme…your in luck for two reasons this morning…one this song rocks hard enough to give you the courage to do anything, even kick a rhino in the face…and two the intro is in spanish so it also ups your intelligence by gifting you with bilingularity

Double whammy


Rocking Out with Victor de Andres Mondays….(Barbie Girl)

So its Monday and Victor is back again…..in my opinion this is a very fitting April Fools tune…..

This man is a musical genius….one of such proportion that he took one of the giddiest air head songs and turned it into a thrash masterpiece…..Victor I salute your alchemist like abilities……

Rocking Out with Victor de Andres Mondays….(Indiana Jones)


So over the weekend I stumbled onto the youtube channel of a very talented fellow named Victor de Andres.  Victor is a very talented metal guitar player and it appears he has shredded every song ever written, soooooooooooooo from now on I will feature one of his lovely little tunes every Monday to help get through the day.

Todays selection is a jaunty re-imagining of the classic theme song from the Indiana Jones series.  I would like to think that in this alternate reality, Indy has a leather jacket that says “Born to Loot-Kiss My Grail” across the back and his bull whip has shiny metal spikes all over it.(and Short Round is played by Danny Devito, because that would just make it more interesting)