More jewerly….

If you’re a fan of the game The Last of Us, this might be up your alley.



A New Hope

yeeeeeeeeeah….so I have been massively lagging ass on posting new jewelry(for those that do not know, I design radically nerdy jewelry) Truth is I am like 6 pieces behind on posting, so here is the first one.

*if you like my stuff then prepare for an avalanche of it, if you’re reading this and thinking “Damit Dave….peddle your dorky trinkets else where”
ignore the next few posts…..

Fn Dave’s Fn hobby…..

You may or may not know about this but I design jewelry in my spare time.  I use a technique were I design everything on the computer and then send that data to a company in Norway who 3d prints it out of stainless steel….from time to time I post my stuff on here…check it out if you’ve got time!(more info in link)

This piece was contracted by a soldier over seas, I do contract stuff fairly often so if you have a project in mind hit me up.

Something I do in my free time…..

soooooooo Ive been busy/devious again….finally after months and months of saying “yup yup…Im working on it….totally…gonna get it done…big time….yup…” I finally got off my ass and did something about it…..

If you’re into stainless steel, computer generated 3d printed jewelry…well ive got something for you….if not…well…maybe you know someone who is…maybe…..


The Cosmonaut’s Anchor

I would like to think if a  space travel was shooting his way through space…he/she may need some way to stop…and rockety/jet blasty engines are kind of boring…chucking a big metal hook onto planets is much more interesting…..

If that was indeed the case, that object might look like this….all hooky and grippy.  I have been doing quite a few movie/comic book/video game related projects lately and decided to do something that came directly from my brain….hope you like it.(its 2″ tall if you were wondering….appropriate size to use as a tiny grappling hook….)

If you feel the need to acquire a means to stopping yourself from hurling through the void of space, it is available in  stainless steel for $45 dollars(5 bucks shipping to the US, 10 to Mexico and Canada, and 15 to the UK, Australia, NZ and Asia)