Uh oh…


Refs face says it all “brother… She beat your butt…”


Patrick Star…man of many talents….

A ridiculously awesome meme has been popping up over the last few weeks, which revolves around Patrick Star, Sponge Bob’s lovable side kick.  The original image came from the Sponge Bob movie(I thiiiiiiiiiiink this is right around where they shoot their hamburger car over a cliff and a giant eel monster eats it…but I could be mistaken-ps if that description alone doesn’t make you want to watch the movie…well…it should…and if you havent seen it go watch it…its awesome)


As you can see above, Sponge Bob and Patrick have a great deal of trouble dealing with the horror they have just witnessed…..

That being said….this image innocently kicked off the following animated gif….(I think the footage came some type of cooking show where someone really really reeeeeeeeeeally loved chocolate mousse….and now….now I want some chocolate mousse…dang it….


So several weeks went by and and then out of no where this happened….
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Comedy gold….bless you Patrick Star….with your gaping mouth and bulging eyes…that so perfectly meld into just about any situation…..you are awesome….

Rocking Out with Victor de Andres Mondays….(Indiana Jones)


So over the weekend I stumbled onto the youtube channel of a very talented fellow named Victor de Andres.  Victor is a very talented metal guitar player and it appears he has shredded every song ever written, soooooooooooooo from now on I will feature one of his lovely little tunes every Monday to help get through the day.

Todays selection is a jaunty re-imagining of the classic theme song from the Indiana Jones series.  I would like to think that in this alternate reality, Indy has a leather jacket that says “Born to Loot-Kiss My Grail” across the back and his bull whip has shiny metal spikes all over it.(and Short Round is played by Danny Devito, because that would just make it more interesting)