Incredible carving


A skull carved from agate…. This blew my mind… The teeth are amazing…


Friday is F.A.T. day…so that means its go time!

Hey hey hey,

Another week has sped on by…so here is another set of places that I(and I am fairly certain you) would rather be…than stuck at our desks/computers right now….unless you are in one of these places right now, and if thats the case…I am both equally filled with happiness for you and deep seething jealously at your good fortune, ha ha ha.

Check back every Friday(if I dont forget) and I will keep posting the photos from around the world that I find each week on my journeys through the web.

*F.A.T. Friday(Fn ‘acation Time – cause FVT doesnt sound as cool and if you say ‘acation with an Australian accent it sounds much cooler.)

**click a pic to launch the gallery