Up in the sky….


Wow… First recorded aerial photo of new York City… That’s friggin awesome…


Moooooooom….I’m going over to Nikola’s house!

Nothing to see here….just Mark Twain hanging out with Nikola Tesla…(who appears to not only be a master of electricity but a friggin Nosferatu….)

“Dude, believe it or not….years from now a guy named David Bowie is going to play you in a movie and hes going to use your electro powers to help Wolverine fight Batman….with magic….totally….”

possibly the coolest pic I have seen in quite some time….

I’ve always had a fascination with those crazy super detailed old timey portrait photos(the ones where the dude always got under a cape on the back of the camera and held up that flash thing that that literally caused a tiny atom bomb to go off for a flash)  That was back in the day before duck faces and the scissor game mafia came to town and I have read that back then(due to the cost of taking a photo) it was thought to be a very special/rare occasion, hence the extremely serious pose and demeanor of the individuals in them.  I dig a goofy portrait as much as the next guy, but there is a certain respectful rarity to old school pics that just makes them a tiny bit more awesome.  Now team that up with a life long love of Japan, samurai and shooting things and that makes this one super cool to me.  Chiggity check it out…..

guy on the far left “AAAAAAAHSOOOOOO! Annoying child of neighbor! You have walked on my front lawn for the last time! Arrow in bottom for you!”